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Hans Lodder was born  1960 in Schiedam, the Netherlands. He started his officer training at the Royal Netherlands Naval College in Den Helder. After completion of his on- board training, he graduated from the Academy in 1982, with a major in International relations with his thesis on the effects of the Israeli operation in Lebanon on the geopolitical agenda in the Middle-east.


During his time in the Armed Forces Lodder has had four operational command functions. Three times as a commander of a warship and once as a regional commander. In all four command positions he has participated in missions and (peace) support operations. This provided him with a broad experience in managing a complex organisation with conflicting interests and with experience in leadership under extreme conditions. Under his command the hijacked MV Taipan was liberated, rescuing the 15 strong crew unharmed and taking 10 pirates as prisoner.


Apart from his operational experience Lodder has a wide expertise in plans and policy within the Department of Defence. As Director for Projects within the Directorate of Projects and Procurement, Defence Materiel Organisation he oversaw the reorganisation of his division. Initially he was responsible for the 40 largest Defence investment projects, after the reorganisation he took responsibility for all over 200 Defence investment projects. During this time he was also a member of the NAHEMA Steering Committee for the NH-90 helicopter project and co-chairman of the OCCAR bi-national BOXER programme.


Lodder has a large international background. Through the personal exchange program with the Royal Navy, he was appointed to HMS Dryad, Southwick, U.K. from 1994 till 1997 as instructor in the Tactical Procedures Group, providing training for the Command Teams and future Commanding Officers of the Royal Navy. From 1999 till 2002 he was appointed to the International Military Staff of NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium: initially as staff officer in the Kosovo Crises Management Team, and, after termination of the Kosovo campaign, as Strategic Planner in the Strategic Issues team of the Plans & Policy Division. In 2003 he was assigned to the U.S. Naval War College, in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A., to attend the Naval Command Course, graduating in 2004. In his last function from June 2014 till July 2017, Lodder assumed command over the Netherlands forces in the Caribbean, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and as Commander of the multi-national Counter Drugs Taskgroup 4.4 as part of the US Joint Task Force South, resulting in a wide experience in operating in a multinational and international policy and political environment.


As of august 2017 Lodder has retired from the armed forces and set up his own Advice and Coaching Agency. He is a member of the board of the foundation Medical and Pharmaceutical Museum ‘De Griffioen’.


For his role in the liberation of the MS Taipan, Commodore Lodder was decorated with the Dutch Royal honour “Admiraal De Ruytermedaille”. For his time as CTG 4.4 he was awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal. He is also Commander in the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.



Education and Training:

1972-1978 Rijksscholengemeenschap Schravenlant – College,

1978-1984 Operational Officer, major International Relations – Royal Netherlands Naval Institute

1986-1987 Principal Warfare Officer Course – specialised in Underwater Warfare, Royal Netherlands Naval Operational School

1990 –  Middle Management Course, Royal Netherlands Naval Staff School

1994 – Maritime Warfare Course- UK Maritime Warfare School, Southwick UK

1997 – Command Qualification Course- Royal Netherlands Naval Operational School

2000 – NATO Staff Orientation Course- NATO Staff School, Oberammergau Germany

2003-2004 US Naval Command Course – US Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island USA

2008 – Advanced Defence Course – Defence Staff School The Hague

2013 – Session Européenne des Responsable D’Armement, INHES Institut des Hautes Etudes de sécurité, Ecole Militaire, Paris

2015 – Coalition Forces Maritime Component Commandant Course – USSOUTHCOM, Miami


Languages :


Language Speaking Writing Reading
Dutch Native language Native language Native language
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
German Reasonable Moderate Moderate



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